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MEC Engineering & Maintenance Services Ltd

Mechanical Engineering & Maintenance |  Groundworks  |  Heavy Machinery Installation & Relocation

Highways Construction and Maintenance  |  Factory Decomissioning  |  Domestic & Industrial Construction

No Project Too Small or Immense


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We have been involved in major projects UK wide, including work on the iconic Liver Building in Liverpool, stripping and installing both electrical and heating systems throughout the grade 1 listed building. We specialise in heavy equipment installation, maintenance, movement and decommissioning.

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Groundworks Specialists Highways Certified

We are fully certified to carry out highways construction, maintenance and groundworks, working with local councils on a regular basis.

Construction Management

Construction & Engineering 

We manage both domestic and industrial construction projects from groundworks to final handover, providing an ongoing building and machinery maintenance service where required. No project is too small or immense. Call us with details of your vision and the timescale and we will work with you to achieve excellence in all aspects of the project.



"We need this doing... Can you do it?"

Whatever the question, the answer is "Yes". There has never been a project we have considered impossible. It is only ever a matter of consideration, planning, logistics and execution


The Statue of Liberty was delivered from France in 1885, in 350 boxes, some of which were delivered ten years prior. If it had to be moved today from its current location to another, anywhere in the world, it could be done.

Heavy engineering projects like these are our speciality, so if you are thinking about moving your factory and all the equipment from one location to another, anywhere in the world, a phone call to MEC is your first point of contact. We will provide a detailed quotation without obligation on your part. Don't wonder if, just wonder when... Make that call.. now!

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